eBook: Repaint the future

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“Repaint the future!” pictures the world in new colors . It empowers you to make the change you want to see in the world – how you as a person, fit into the painting, creating something bigger than yourself. Turning a scream into a cheer.



Fear and distrust are soaring in today’s societies: Fear for our future, distrust in our decision-makers, and lack of belief in our own capabilities of solving the climate crisis and other key global challenges. This state of apathy cripples our chances of reaching the climate targets of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in due time. What we need is a new perspective – a new outlook for our future.

Repaint the future! offers just that, as it outlines a future of hope, optimism and trust in the individual’s possibilities and opportunities of creating a more sustainable world.

Drawing on global challenges such as the refugee crisis, food and water shortages, and fake news, the book presents 10 fundamental mindset shifts essential for reaching a more sustainable future. Think of them as 10 exercises to rethink our lives and the world we live in: With examples drawn from everyday life as well as stories from inspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs, the book guides you to uncover opportunity and prosperity in doom and gloom, and to make better decisions for your family, your business, or your community.

Repaint the future! empowers everyone to find inner sustainability before striving for outer sustainability, and makes sustainable living desirable and satisfying. If you’ve ever felt like you’re only one of the cast of thousands with no real influence, Repaint the future! shows otherwise. Everyone has the potential to be a changemaker, and this book is the guide to get you started: to help you find opportunities — and hope — even in the direst of straits.

“The ten new commitments create and a profound change of behaviour – and thus a new kind of sustainable economy. Here is the inspirational guide for your and me to actually get engaged”

Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action 2010-2014

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